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Our mission

We, at Micu Bogdan Foundation, work to reintegrate human trafficking victims back into society.  Our aim is to improve their quality of life and offer a full range of social support services.  We are active in organising and promoting preventive awareness actions via education by doing events in schools and institutions and other public venues. 

Our history

 It all started in 2014, when a group of enthusiastic volunteers believed that something needs to be done with against human trafficking in Romania. The founder Micu Bogdan, a international entrepreneur in renewable energy, committed funds and energy to establish local support teams and shelters for victims of human trafficking. 

Our staff & volunteers

 We hire full time social workers as well as working in close relationship with national state authorities.  Micu Bogdan Foundation has beed a trustful partner for ANITP(National Agency Against Human Trafficking),Territorial Education District(ISJ), Child Protection Regional Agency(DGASPC), Organised Crime Combat Brigade(BCCO),International Organisation for Migration (IOM) as well as multiple local and international NGOs. 

Ongoing projects(2017):

Training Sessions for Policeman and Social Workers

One of our main goals is creating a real and alive relationship between the institutions that  we are working with starting from the basics sessions of training.

Awareness and Prevention Sessions for year 2017

 The Awareness and Prevention Sessions for 2017 will be focused as always  on the idea that spreading the information about Human Trafficking as a phenomenon and how to avoid different types of dangerous situations will always make a difference.

Maintaining Our Human Trafficking Shelter

Our shelter has the aim to provide residential assistance in protective apartment system, as follows: transitory (for 1 to 3-4 nights); in crisis (for 1-3 or 4 weeks) and for long term. 

Direct Assistance at Community Level

Our foundation has developed a near relationship with ADPARE and together we felt like our mission should be that of promoting Human Rights through developing integrative long term assistance programmes for  beneficiaries who are not only victims of domestic and international trafficking in human beings (including all forms of exploitation), but also the victims’ families  that are considered as indirect beneficiaries of the programmes. 

Centre for Pshychological Support and Education

Our Centre is the  main place where several activities take place with the purpose of developing  a real involvement of  the beneficiaries in designing their own social reintegration intervention. 

Programul de Cooperare Elvețiano –Român

The project takes place for 22 months through the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Program for reducing the economic and social disparities within the enlarged European Union.

The total amount of the project is CHF 550,000.00 with a CHF 499,608.83 contribution representing 90.84% ​​of the total amount and a co-financing from the IOM and implementing partners of CHF 50,391.17, representing 9.16% of the total budget.

The project implementation partners are:

- The Association for the Development of Alternative Practices for Reintegration and Education (ADPARE), Bucharest;

- Micu Bogdan Foundation (FMB), Brasov;

- People to People Foundation (P2P), Oradea.

The main objective of the project is to:

· Strengthen the assistance and protection of Romanian citizens who are victims of domestic and international human trafficking, in line with internal standards

Past projects


Together Against Human Trafficking. 1-12 dec 2014

Supporting children with disabilities(Autism Syndrome and other behavioural problems) 31 July 17 Oct


Film Festival promoting Awareness against Human Trafficking12-15 Oct 2015

Awareness and Prevention Sessions for year 2015.


Direct Support of Victims of Human Traffic at Centre for Assistance and Psychological Support

Our reintegration programmes  actively involve the beneficiaries in designing their own social reintegration intervention. 

They benefited from psychological, juridic, social, medical and educational as well as financial support.


Awareness and Prevention Sessions for year 2016.

The main idea we tried to implement with our prevention and awareness sessions in schools in the reality and the closeness of the phenomenon of Human Trafficking in Romania focusing on two main direction:

1.Understanding the complex definition of Human Trafficking and all the types of exploitation involved.

2. Understanding the ways in which they can avoid dangerous situations and whom to ask for help in case they end up needing help or how to help others in need. 

Fundraising for Victims of Human Traffics Dec 2016.

We developed a fundraising activity to try and make Christmas a happier event in our beneficiaries' s life.  

Funding and renovating the Rehabilitation space at the Children Hospital in Brasov, Romania.

International collaboration

ITALY, Sicily 2017

 Exchange of experience between different types of NGOs

Exchange of Experience between Coopertiva Proxima (IT)  Adpare( Ro) and Micu Bogdan Foundation (Ro) 

Switzerland 2016

Exchange of Experience between Swiss police, Romania Police and several NGOs. 

Ukrain 2017

International Conference: Creative methods of prevention against Human Trafficking  

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